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Forces of Valor was founded a Los Angeles in 2002 by Unimax, a well-known toy company based a Hong Kong. The intent of the founder, Arthur Chan, was to develop a series of collectibles in the field of military modeling.

With Forces of Valor, Arthur's goal was to offer the public fully constructed and professionally painted models, thus skipping the assembly process, which requires time and manual skills.

Passionate about history, Arthur remembers seeing images of armor emerging from the rigors of combat, where they had been damaged in battle, riddled with bullet holes, covered in dirt and streaked with oil. He decided that instead of offering models "just out of the factory", he would give his models a more "fierce" look, similar to the images that regularly adorned history books and military documentaries.

In the following years, Forces of Valor became one of the most successful military collectible brands in the world. From its early days of producing military models in 1/32 scale, the line continued a flourish, now including warships, aircraft, figurines and other historical products, in a wide variety of scales, settings and eras.

After working in the industry for over half a century, Arthur decided to retire.WALTERSONS, a successful manufacturer of radio-controlled military vehicles,who was very much open to Arthur's products, enters the scene. Deciding it was the right time to move forward, the owner of WALTERSONS bought the Forces of Valor brand and started the Forces of Valor Hobbies Limited. Which brings us to the present day...

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