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Spark models exist because Hugo Ripert, its founder, is a fan of cars and models, his father Andre was in the modeling industry before him. Hugo initially worked with the VITESSE brands, Quartzo and Ixo and was responsible for the research and development of the models.

In 2000 Hugo began a organize the production and distribution of the first Spark models, especially Le Mans car models. Initially focused on cars 'at the bottom of the grid' ignored by the then existing main manufacturers, the models were produced in small series of about 700-1000 pieces.

The enthusiasm for model collecting is such that Spark often uses expensive techniques and finishes that would not be financially acceptable for a more purely business-oriented manufacturer. This is also often reflected in the choice of models produced. Just because a particular model might sell relatively little is not a good reason not to produce it. In fact, the company was founded on Hugo's desire to recreate the entire grid of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, not only the winners and the best-known cars already produced by the big manufacturers.

We believe that this attention to detail and the continuous search for greater realism, in an increasingly wide range of models, are the reasons for the success of the Spark Model.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1075 articles