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    The Mini 4WD were born in 1982 thanks to the Japanese manufacturer TAMIYA, their success was immediate, they are small cars in assembly kits (which does not require the use of glue) their main characteristics are all-wheel drive, power supply through an electric motor and scale in 1/32.

    Usually they propose models of Japanese manga or radio-controlled cars TAMIYA, the Mini 4WD are divided into different series, we see below the main ones.

    PRO SERIES: they are equipped with a double-shaft a engine that drives both the front and rear wheels for optimal efficiency. With a battery and motor arrangement that emphasizes good balance, the chassis is a perfect base for installing the wide range of improvement parts.

    REV SERIES: From body style to chassis design, Mini 4WD REV Series models emphasize to the max. aerodynamics.

    FULLY COWLED SERIES: TAMIYA 's Full Cowled Mini 4WD machines use a range of track-proven chassis. The wide and low style of the body helps cars a effortlessly cut the air.

    SUPER SERIES: TAMIYA 's experience in 4WD Mini racing is on full display in the Super series machines. Proven components on the track, large diameter wheels and slick tires are the standards.

    RACING SERIES: These small race cars feature a wide range of designs, bodywork and chassis. Whether you're on a high-speed circuit or more technical, the 4WD Racing Mini series will have something for you.

    AERO SERIES: The models of the Aero Mini 4WD series come with proven track-tested features and other competition-oriented specifications. The motor housing a quick release makes the tuning process more efficient a .

    MIGHTY SERIES: Fast thrills and racing thrills can be experienced with TAMIYA's small but sophisticated Mighty Mini 4WD series. They are equipped with efficient mechanics, a wide tread and a long wheelbase for excellent stability.

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